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Christian Cowboy Video Available

The presentation of Pastor Mike Holland's life story is now available on YouTube. See the true tale of how God has used Ahava's very own Christian Cowboy in His service for over thirty-five years.

View Christian Cowboy Part 1

View Christian Cowboy Part 2

This presentation is still available on DVD at the church.

Lola Harouff picture

Mrs. Lola Harouff is now in the presence of her Savior.

Pray for her family.

Haley Flack baptism image

Sister Haley Flack was baptized on Sunday evening, August 7, 2011 at Ahava Baptist Church. Friends, family and church rejoiced with her.

Lisa Simmons officially joins Ahava Baptist by baptism!

Lisa Simmons baptism image

Last Sunday evening, April 10, 2011, Ahava welcomed Lisa Simmons into membership by baptism.

Lisa has, of course, been associated with Ahava for years and we're delighted to make the relationship formal.

Weston Flack helps us prepare for sermon about the house upon the rock.


The Wacaser Family Choir at Ahava Baptist!

(Listen and/or download.)

Taylor Sings!

Taylor image

Taylor Crosby Flack sings "Away in a Manger" for her church family. (Listen)

Three R's graphic

Pastor Fred Wright has completed his excellent overview of Nehemiah. All four lessons are available for listening or download on the Ahava Baptist Pulpit page under the headings of Extreme Makeover I, II, III & IV.

Mike with Ricky

Q - Who is the big brother? A - Little Mike Holland

Q - Who wrote their names on the picture? A - Answer lost to antiquity.

What is thirty-five?


1. Over a third of a hundred.

2. One less than three dozen

3. Four years younger than Jack Benny was when he died

4. The time Pastor Mike has been preaching

5. All of the above

Correct answer: 5
Ahava celebrated Mike Holland's completing thirty-five years in the pulpit on Sunday, October 3, 2010.
A good time was had by all.

Brooke Worthan is baptised

Brooke Worthan was baptised into membership at Ahava Baptist Church on Sunday, September 12.

Quoting Nahum 1:2, "God is jealous...", Brooke shared a reading from Charles Haddon Spurgeon that included the admonition to Christians that:

"There should be no one with whom we converse so much as with Jesus. To abide in him only, this is true love; but to commune with the world, to find sufficient solace in our carnal comforts, to prefer even the society of our fellow Christians to secret intercourse with him, this is grievous to our jealous Lord."

Ahava Youth sing in worship!

Keith Klein Sings!

Hear Ahava's Keith Klein's stirring version of

How Great Thou Art

Baby Jude arrives!

Othermama dubs him a "Hollacaser"

Picture here!

Bobby Wacaser Sermon

Bobby Wacaser taught us how to Understand God's Amazing Love at Ahava on Sunday, July 18, 2010.

Have you ever had questions...

...about God and the presence of evil?

...about why God allows evil?

...about whether God created evil in the first place?


Ahava has a new member!

Sammy Worthan, our newest believer, was baptised into membership Sunday evening, June 13, 2010, at Ahava. His father, Pastor Terry Worthan was on hand from his pulpit in Georgia to baptise Sammy. Pastor and Mrs. Worthan, Patsy, had prayed for Sammy's salvation for forty-six years. To God alone be all the glory!

Sammy Worthan baptism pic

To learn more about believers' baptism listen to two of Pastor Mike's earlier sermons on baptism.
What Baptism Means | Explanation of Baptism

Also, there are seven Baptist Catechism questions answered about baptism. See Questions 71 and 74 through 79.

Finally, the Ahava Baptist Theology page has even more information about the ordinance of baptism. Read for yourself.

God Answers Prayer Beautifully

Caiden Lee Leggett photo
Caiden Lee Leggett - God's blessing

Chris and Amie Leggett of Lakeland were blessed with the birth of Caiden Lee Leggett on Saturday, May 21, 2010. He weighed in at 8lbs, 7oz and was 21 inches long.

The ladies of Ahava Baptist have prayed for this young family for many months and rejoice at Caiden Lee's safe arrival.

Thanks be to God alone.

Mrs. Lola Harouff Retires

Lola Harouff Retires photo

After completing 12 years with Hillsborough County Public Schools, Ahava Baptist member Mrs. Lola Harouff retired on May 19, 2010 from Colleen Bevis Elementary in Lithia.

She received her hard-earned retirement pin at a reception for her and two other retirees at the Palmetto Club at FishHawk Ranch.


Pastor Mike quoted in local paper