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Ahava Baptist Missions

Missionaries and Fields

Ahava supports missionaries in different parts of the world. Some are based here in the United States but have a particular mission. Take a look at these various ministries and see how you might support them with your prayers and money.

  • Brazil

  • Philippines

  • Guyana

  • Blind

  • Deaf

Brazil flag

Bobby & Charlene Wacaser
Baptist Faith Missions

Manoel Valdomiro de Macedo, 2281
81170-150 Curitiba, PR, Brazil

Phone: (813) 436-9980

Email: robertmw@brturbo.com.br

Hear Bobby at Ahava Baptist

Stateside address:
Bobby Wacaser Family
Bobby & Charlene Wacaser with Jessie & Brennan
Brazil map
Click on the map for a country profile.
723 Wendel Avenue
Lithia, FL 33547

From the latest Baptist Faith Missions Mission Sheets (dated January 2011):

Announcing the New Baptist Church of Curitiba. The initial team is made up of three couples, one single young man and our thirteen year old son, Brennan.

Last month, Charlene and our ladies prepared small gift-wrapped packages of homemade cookies and distributed them door-to-door announcing the beginning of the new church.

We guys went to a sports complex and engaged the local 'fellers' in games of soccer and croquet. Since croquet is virtually unknown here, it served to draw a small crowd in a hurry. We interrupted our play long enough to announce the new church.

We are content with our church meeting beneath a couple of beach gazebos for now. We want our team and new converts to think in terms of larger facilities for more people to come hear the Gospel, become followers of Christ and part of His church.

Brother Carlos Chaves from Manaus and Bobby have been looking for the best prices on building materials and have decided that a metal building is our best option. We have enough funds to erect a metal structure and will have to work, save and teach new converts how to give in order to do the finish work.

If you would like to have a part in helping us complete this building project, we would be very grateful.

From the Baptist Faith Missions Mission Sheets (dated December 2010):

We had to purchase more chairs for the increased number in attendance at our services. We will be pretty tight trying to fit them into the limited remaining space, but this type of "inconvenience" is very encouraging.

There will be a bit of relief on the crowded meetings soon. We have found an available lot where we'll be building the facilities for our new church plant.

The Lord has guided us step by step in the process of launching this new work, so we trust that He'll bless and give us much fruit there for the fame of His Name.

Charlene and I sold our cars a little more than a year ago to give the funds so that our mother church could purchase property for more spacious facilities. For reasons that God alone knows, our church was not able to obtain that property, but now we will be able to use those funds to begin the contruction on our new church plant.

My co-pastor will now become senior pastor of Bible Baptist Church and I will be pastor of the new mission.

From the Baptist Faith Missions Mission Sheets (dated September 2010):

The church Bobby co-pastors has outgrown its facilities and has been unable to obtain property or larger facilities during the last couple of years.

Currently, they plan to start a new congregation by dividing the current church. Bobby and Charlene will lead the effort establishing the church plant while continuing to work hand in hand with the senior pastor of the sending church, currently Bobby's co-pastor.

Pray that God will direct His people to the location most needing a new church and will provide for them there.

July 18, 2010 - Bobby preached at Ahava Baptist this morning. Download or listen here. Don't miss this opportunity to hear him share God's Word.

July 11, 2010 - Bobby, Charlene and Brennan will be returning to Brazil on July 21, 2010. Pray for traveling safety and God's blessing on their efforts. Jessie is reluctant to see them go.

June 27, 2010 update - Savannah was able to make the fifteen hour flight from Brazil to Tampa (plus a ten hour layover in Buenos Aires) with her leg elevated, although it was necessary to purchase an entire row of seats to get it done. Bobby was at Ahava today with his family.

June 23, 2010 - Bobby reports from Brazil, where he is dealing with the aftermath of a burglary at his home, that a young lady named Savannah visiting from Florida, has broken her leg. The prayer request is that she be allowed to travel home with her leg elevated rather than have surgery in Brazil. In the event she has to stay for surgery, Bobby would be delayed in returning to the States.

From the Baptist Faith Missions Mission Sheets (dated May 2010):

The Project Life ministry teams reached over 8,300 people during a week they shared with a team from Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida. Several churches were blessed with increased attendance following the meetings.

The Wacasers have a couple of months left in the states and invite friends old and new to contact them.

During a successful trip up north, Bobby got the news that the Wacaser home in Brazil had been burglarized. Bobby has returned home to Brazil for a short while to document the loss. He plans to rejoin his family in the States for a few more weeks before returning to the field.

Pray for safe travel.

Bobby Wacaser grew up at Ahava. He and Charlene are church planting specialists in Brazil where they have served since 1985.

From the Baptist Faith Missions Mission Sheets (dated April 2010):

Several pastors have contacted me to invite us to share our work with them and their churches while we will be in the States. We still have some open dates available, so if you also would like to know more about how God is working through us in southern Brazil, feel free to contact me at robertmw@brturbo.com.br.

Projeto Vita, our itinerant evangelism ministry, had the opportunity to be in many cities this past month.They also hosted ten missionary candidates from sister churches who were seeking training in outreach methodology. This ministry has been greatly blessed of the Lord to take the Gospel to groups and locations that are usually difficult to reach.

They travel on buses that have been converted into motorhomes housing and transporting twelve team members and their equipment. We now have four teams and three buses. Our fourth team works locally in our own city while we pray and look for a fourth bus.

Bobby Wacaser

Philippine flag

Terry & Cynthia Spears
Imus Baptist Temple
205 Palico IV
Imus, Cavite, Philippines 4103

Phone: (713) 623-1934


Brother Terry Spears went to be with the Lord on Saturday, February 16th at 1:54 p.m. Please pray for his family at this difficult time. Details at the sending church websiite.

Email: terrycyn@gmail.com

Spears Family photo
Terry & Cynthia Spears
with Chris & Bryce
Philippine map
Click on the map for a country profile.


Sending church:
Grace Baptist Church, Tyler, TX
P.O.Box 8748
Old Jacksonville Highway
Tyler, TX 75711
(903) 561-7664

From letter to Pastor Mike, May 2012: Terry has undergone very serious surgery. Details are continually updated at Grace Baptist Church of Tyler, TX.

From April 2010 Newsletter: At a Missions Conference in April, the Imus Baptist Temple commited as a church to support two more missionaries, bringing their total to seven. These missionaries are an expansion of your missions giving.

Bible studies in General Santos, Mindanao are bearing fruit. Landlord Gerome and his wife Myra have been inviting many friends and relatives to the meetings. All seem receptive to the Gospel message.

Another Bible study has been suspended because the Catholic lady hosting the meetings was afraid that what she was learning from God's Word would cause her to want to leave her church. The rest of her family would like to continue but will not out of deference to her.

Cynthia keeps the door open by visiting the lady and talking to her about her soul. Pray for this situation.

Terry and Cynthia have been serving in the Philippines since 1998. Cynthia is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines.  Terry was raised in the Philippines by his missionary parents. 

After Bible School training in the states, Terry and Cynthia returned to fulfill their calling to carry the Gospel to the Filipino people. 

They have two sons, Chris (18) and Bryce (9).  Chris is currently studying at Pensacola Christian College where he is pursuing a career in the medical field.

Guyana flag

Almond & Nalin Katryan
Corriverton Baptist Church
99, Line Path "D" - P.O.Box 936
Corriverton, Guyana, South America

Phone: 011-592-339-2286

Stateside: 504-754-2413

Email: almondkatryan7@hotmail.com
Link disabled temporarily due to potential address hijacking.

Almond & Nalin Katryan photo
Almond & Nalin Katryan
Guyana map
Click on the map for a country profile.
Sent by:
Southside Baptist Church
P.O.Box 9128, Winter Haven, FL 33883
Phone: (863) 294-2659

"We the people..." will increase by two soon!

On June 16, 2010, Almond and Nalin Katryan are scheduled to become American citizens in a ceremony at the Royal Palms Immigration Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Although the Katryans have been legal residents of the United States since 1993, they have spent most of their time on the field in their home country of Guyana. Obtaining permission to go back and forth between Guyana and the United States has become increasingly difficult for them.

American citizenship will allow the Katryans to go where the Lord's work takes them in either country with fewer administrative hassles.

According to former Ahava member, Brother Timothy Boyer Parrish (email) of Courtland, Virginia, who spent a month in Guyana recently, Almond & Nalin Katryan are very hard workers for The Lord.

Almond is training and directing young missionaries to carry on and expand the work there. He has a vision of greater evangelism in street preaching in the marketplace.

God is at work in Guyana and the Katryans are being greatly used. Their life is about the constraining Love of Christ and His Glory and the needs of the people there to be taught and growing in “Grace and Knowledge” of Christ.

Tim and Brother Kenneth Long visited the Katryans in March, 2010 and conducted training on HVAC at the school.

Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind, Inc.
Barbara Keathley & Lilianna Hanley
448 Winder Highway
Loganville, GA 30052

Phone: (678) 475-7879

Email: ministries@glfb.org

Website: www.glfb.org

Barbara & Lilliana image

The mother/daughter team of Barbara Keathley and Lilianna Hanley carry on the ministry started many years ago before his homegoing by their husband/father Brother Bill Keathley.

From the Winter 2011 Newsletter:

As you remember we mentioned our dire need of financial help in the last newsletter. The Lord has supplied this need through many of you. Several churches took up special offerings to help and others of you gave individually with an open heart. We appreciate your love and care.

Our finances are all caught up including both supplies and salaries. Many have sent cassette tapes: some new professional quality to use for our library to send to our students; and good doctrinal sermons to send overseas. Now we have many boxes of tapes and Braille to send overseas. These are so helpful to those who cannot obtain them in other countries. Someone even donated a tape duplicator. God is good!

We had a very encouraging call from Tom Dickhoner in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is 58 years old and became blind because of being born prematurely and receiving too much oxygen in the incubator, so of course, he does not remember ever seeing. We have worked with him for many years. We asked him if he would write down his testimony for us to share with you in this letter.

My Testimony
by Tom Dickhoner

Gospel Light has been a blessing to me. Writing this is an answer to prayer, which we talked about over the phone, when it comes to doing the will of God. I want God to receive glory for what I have done. Only he gets the glory for all we do and say.
Time and dates have left me as I have gotten older, but one thing is certain. There is no such thing as luck, being at the right place and at the right time or a happenstance as far as the Christian is concerned. Everything that happens to us is by the providence of God. It is a divine process of growing in grace. Back in the mid 1990's my pastor, with whom I graduated from high school, told me that he had learned of the Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind. Bill Keathley was the director of it.
At the time, I contacted Gospel Light by phone. I also started receiving tapes from the Gospel Light library that Gospel Light has to offer to its blind for which it ministers. Before Bill Keathley went home to be with the Lord, I had the pleasure of corresponding with him by means of the cassette tape recorder. Without the use of computers as we have today, I received a special Gospel Light Library container for which I could record my message and return to Gospel Light. Bill would respond back to me and was kind enough to send me recorded tapes that he thought would be of help to me. Those tapes were just the thing I needed to help me advance in my walk with Christ. At the time Bill was a great encouragement to me as my wife, Teresa, and I had a younger daughter with special needs.
It is now 2011. Words cannot explain how much Gospel Light has helped me as I want to draw closer to God.
I just completed the home correspondence course “Right With God”. I am in the process of completing the home correspondence course, “Knowing and Serving God”. This particular course has been a real blessing to me as I have been learning about the Holy Spirit, and, I just completed lesson 13, “Knowing the Will of God”. Bill when he was living was a great encouragement to me. Barbara is doing an excellent job of not only sending the courses in Braille and computer to the students who want to learn and to grow in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, she also is quick to tell us our scores for each lesson.
Another encouraging thing is that we don't have to wait for the results of the previous lesson before sending in the next lesson. We can send as many lessons as we please.
With the computer and internet, there is the added benefit of sending and receiving responses to lessons quickly. No longer is there a problem of a Braille lesson reaching Gospel Light days or weeks after it was completed or mailed. Gone are the days of damaged Braille lessons due to rough handling of Braille materials by the postal services. Finally, Barbara is a helpful teacher. I can always call Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind, and I can get answers to questions.
I look forward to starting the “Doctrines of Grace Course” as quickly as possible. This course is different from the other two courses. I look forward to studying the lessons and the essay questions will be a challenge. Still with time and hard work, I see no reason why I can't complete this course in reasonable time.
We serve a great God. I look forward to the day when I can minister to others who are blind. I want to teach them that just because you can't use a computer, or if you are not a fluent reader of Braille, you are not a failure in God's gracious eyes. God can use you in a way that will give glory and all the honor to Him.
I hope more correspondence courses will become available. The blind are no different from anyone else. Everyone must be saved the same way. If a door opens to me so that I can minister to the blind and physically handicapped in this way, I will be blessed even more. Keep up the excellent work! It is my prayer that your ministry will bless others as it has blessed me.
Tom Dickhoner

Testimonies like this really bless our hearts to know that the Lord is fervently working in our ministry to the blind. We praise God for the ability to accomplish His work for His glory.

Your missionaries to the blind,
Barbara Keathley & Lilianna Hanley

Special Appeal from the Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind on Facebook, dated November 5, 2010:

"We again are in dire financial need. Our income is very low. Since August Lilianna has missed 2 checks and Barbara has missed 3, which amounts to $2100.

We have no money for supplies and we are needing:

1 box of 100 C-30 Professional Master cassette tapes for $52.

1 box of 100 C-60 Professional Master cassette tapes for $63.

2 boxes of 1000 sheets each of Braille paper at $45 each for Braille letters and correspondence courses.

1 box of large envelopes for mailing the Braille for $30.

1 box of 3 black ink cartridges for printer for $45.

1 set of travel speakers to be used with the PowerPoint presentation for $34. (The old speakers only work part of the time and have to be held.)

1 new scanner that we purchased, we still owe $115.

Postage for the newsletter, we owe $265.

I know many of you are having extreme financial problems of your own with the economy as it is today, but if you would like to help us with any of these things we would deeply appreciate it, just designate your gift. We know that God is aware of our needs and will provide.

We hope you have a joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season with your family and friends. Please remember at this time to pray for the blind all over the world with whom we minister. We look forward to celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ together as a family.

We will have a larger family this year because of the marriage of Lilianna to Joshua Hanley, with his two sons. Jehovah God has blessed us wonderfully this past year. We hope and pray you know the Lord personally and can rejoice with us."


Mission details

A free lending library consists of over 3,000 audible and Braille items. Christian books, recorded by volunteer readers, messages by outstanding Bible teachers and conference speakers and sermons by well-known pastors and teachers are mailed to students free of charge.

Braille Bible lessons image

Braille Bible lessons are printed on a computer-driven Braille printer. Blind students receive lesson booklets free of charge, mailed anywhere in the world. Students enjoy Bible lessons wherever they live.

Blind school image

Courses are mailed to the United States, Canada, England, Egypt, Cuba, West Malaysia, Brazil, India, China, Pakistan and several African nations. Students return completed lessons and receive a Braille and ink certificate upon completion of each Bible course.

A monthly Bible study for the blind including free lunch and transportation is held in Rockledge, Florida. Approximately 125 invitation letters are regularly sent to blind individuals.

The extensive tape library of lessons and sermons is being transferred to CD's and other digital media to facilitate their use in blind digital players supplied by National Library for the Blind. These players have replaced the traditional tape players since 2008.

Lilliana at conference image

Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind maintains a presence at many state and national conventions of blind organizations, reaching the blind where they are.  Churches are challenged concerning the needs of the blind to be reached, invited and transported to services. The organization also provides personal counseling by Braille letter, email and telephone.

The Gospel Light Foundation for the Blind, Inc. is funded and supported by churches and individuals. Donors receive receipts for contributions made to the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  Two salaried employees and several volunteers of the religious non-profit organization provide all services free to the blind upon request.

Jim & Joyce Sloan
345 Cambridge Circle
Rossville, GA 30741

Phone: (706) 891-8367

Email: JSloan1@aol.com

Sending Church:
Calvary Baptist Church
7600 E. 63rd St. S.
Derby, KS 67037
Sending Board:
Deaf Outreach Ministries, Inc.
345 Cambridge Circle
Rossville, GA 30741
ALL work funds (for trips; special gifts) should be mailed to Deaf Outreach Ministries. Deaf Outreach Ministries, Inc is a 501(C)(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible.

Approved by: COME International Baptist Ministries; Grand Rapids, MI

Home Church: Calvary Independent Baptist Church; Chattanooga, TN

Update from 5/30/2012 email:

Dear Praying Friends,

Well, the last trip was quick but great!

First, our COME International Baptist Ministries Conference was a great success. I was in charge of the Evangelists' meetings each morning as well as Evangelists' Representative on the Board. The Board met each afternoon.

Dr. Tom Wallace was our main speaker. He gave the devotion each morning, then preached at the 11:00 hour. There were some great messages from the Word.

Then on Friday, I met with the Vice President of International Partnership Ministries (IPM) in Hanover, PA. This is a Baptist mission board that works very closely with Christian Nationals in foreign countries. Their philosophy is similar to mine in training Nationals to work with the Deaf. I am NOT changing mission boards!!! BUT will be working WITH IPM. They have applications from two Deaf men wanting to do what I have been doing! So, I have volunteered to travel with them to 'voice' interpret as they raise their support. Most of their support will come from 'hearing' churches, where no one understands sign language. I will help train them in foreign country ministry. I will, also, travel with them as they travel to other countries. The only difference in my past ministry and future ministry will be that I will now focus primarily on training my 'Timothys.' I am excited!!!!!! This is just 'FANTASTIC!'

Next Tuesday at 5:30 AM, Christina, Courtney and I will fly out of Chattanooga. We should arrive in Lima, Peru at 8:58 PM. We will be in two different cities. Please pray that we will have great opportunities to minister to the Deaf and hearing! The tickets cost a little more than $6000. There is some financial need! Please pray!

Please see my schedule below with several open dates. If I can be in your church please let me know (423-364-2290).

Joyce: Thank you for your continued prayers for me as Jim travels. If anything is going to happen, it will happen while he is gone. Last Saturday evening, the AC in our home stopped working. Weekend, and holiday also! I was able to find a man to come out without great cost and fix it. Would your believe he was a Christian from a good Baptist Church! Only God can take care of us in such a wonderful way. Don't stop praying for His continued leading.

In Christ,

2012 Schedule:

6/5-18 Peru

6/24 AM Parkview Baptist, Livonia, MI Preach/teach

6/24 PM Open

6/25-27 IBFNA Conference, Shipshewana, IN Display

7/1 AM Deaf Outreach Church, Green, OH Mission presentation/Preach

7/1 PM Open

7/3-7 NAD Conference, Louisville, KY Display

7/22 Open

7/23-27 Sword Conference, Walkertown, NC Display

7/29 Open

Update from 5/9/2012 email:

Dear Praying Friends,

Just checked, cost for tickets to Peru is $1700 each. Please pray for this to come down. I should buy the tickets by Tuesday of next week! Funds are needed by me and one young lady who is going with me.

Please pray for a meeting I have planned for May 25. Wisdom is needed in making decisions that will impact our future ministry!

Also, I need meetings near the conferences where I will have display tables/booths. Pray that God will supply this need.

Joyce: God is still working in the lives of women. Pray for some who need to make changes. God is working, but people are slow to make the changes need. Continue to pray that God will give me the wisdom needed in working with these women.

We are so thankful to those of you who pray as well as those who pray faithfully for our ministries.

In Christ,
Jim/Joyce Sloan

2012 Schedule:
5/19-23 COME conference, Dayton, TN
6/5-18 Peru
6/24 AM Parkview Baptist, Livonia, MI Preach/teach
6/25-27 IBFNA Conference, Shipshewana, IN Display
7/3-7 NAD Conference, Louisville, KY Display
7/23-27 Sword Conference, Walkertown, NC

Update from 5/2/2012 email:

Dear Praying Friends,

I am home! Arrived home on time Monday night. This trip was long, but fantastic. Accomplished all that God had planned for us to do! The total cost for the trip was $3140.87. That was $140.87 above budget, but by combining two trips (Bulgaria, France), I save about $1000! Special thanks to each who prayed and gave to make this trip possible! All in France made me promise to come back!!!

Please pray for trips here in the states and for finances for the trip in June to Peru! One of the young ladies going with me on that trip needs funding also.

Thank you all who so faithfully pray and/or support us so we can GO!

In Christ,
Jim/Joyce Sloan

Update from 4/28/2012 email:

Dear Praying Friends,

Well, this long (almost 4 weeks) tiring (physically/emotionally) fantastic (God still working!) trip is coming to an end! Monday at 1:45 PM (7:45 AM EST) I fly out of Charles de Gaulle (Paris) airport and will arrive home via Detroit at 9:55 PM. Please pray we have good weather and that I make my connections.

I have enjoyed my stay in France! I have had classes almost every day helping two young ladies learn French Sign Language (LSF). Sign Language is a language distinct from the spoken language in grammar and syntax. I was able to buy two books that will help them to learn the language of LSF. They also have a Deaf young lady that is helping them with the signs! God is still working!!!!!!

I had lunch with the President of Deaf book store/club last Tuesday. It was a good meeting and I gave him the gospel! No decision but we exchanged email addresses to continue our conversation and I gave him a booklet explaining the gospel written in French!

The next few months I will be traveling in the states except for the trip to Peru. I have display tables/booths in several conferences. I have contacted several Pastors for possible meetings before and after these conferences. See schedule below. If I am near you and you would like for me to be in your church (hearing/Deaf) please contact me!

Joyce: I have had news of two women I counseled (They were graduates of the Christian Life Program). One is doing very well, the other is having some struggles. They are not in Chattanooga, so I have no direct contact. God still knows where they are and how to work in their hearts. It is such a comfort to know that He is always dealing with His children. Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray!

Thank you all who so faithfully pray and/or support us so we can GO!

In Christ,
Jim/Joyce Sloan

Update from 4/18/2012 email:

Dear Praying Friends,

Just to update you on my trip.

Felt it necessary to say goodbye to my friends in Bulgaria. In Plovdiv, they are doing great and really do not need my help any more. In Varna, we had only 4 show up for Bible study. Thirty Deaf now attend the Jehovah Witnesses' church. The Pastor made the announcement that I would come back to train any one really interested in reaching the Deaf with the gospel. That sad decision was made after a lot of prayer.

I am now in France. Had my first meetings with the ones learning LSF. We will be meeting each night this week. We plan to make a trip to the Deaf book store and later to the place where Deaf meet for fun!

Joyce: God is so good! The women are doing well. I had a call from one of the 'girls' who graduated from the program we had at the Mission. She is still doing well. Always such a joy to hear that good news. We appreciate your continued prayers for them and for wisdom for me.

Thank you for praying!

In Christ,
Jim/Joyce Sloan

Update from 4/4/2012 email:

Dear Praying Friends,

Tomorrow at 11:15 I begin my trip to Bulgaria and France. I will fly from Chattanooga to Detroit, to Pittsburgh, to Paris, to Sofia! Then I take a train to Plovdiv. I should arrive in Plovdiv at 7 PM Friday (about 11 AM EDT). Please pray for good flying weather and that I make all connections.

April 11, I will travel by train to Varna, Bulgaria. Pray for the times I will preach/teach, also that I will remember Bulgarian Sign Language.

Pray that I will be able to buy a plane ticket from Varna to Paris on April 16. I cannot buy it here in the states. If I can't get it in Varna, I will have to take the train! That will be a very long trip! I will keep you updated as I am able.

Due to a special gift in Des Moines we now have $300 toward the trip to Peru. Right now the tickets are very high priced. Pray they will come down!

Joyce: I am well! Thank you for praying. Pray for me while Jim is gone.

As always I must ask for prayer as I am counseling, that God will give wisdom.

Thank you all who so faithfully pray and/or support us so we can GO!

In Christ,

Jim/Joyce Sloan

The Sloans offer hold Bible conferences, revivals, workers' training, seminars, mission conferences, camps and counseling on several continents with special emphasis on serving the deaf.